SCP System

IT Consultant
Container Handling
IT for Port and Logistic
Telecom and Infrastructure service

IT Consultant

- IT Roadmap and Master plan
- IT outsource and implementation of Enterprise Solution
- IT consultant on business and operation improvement using ICT

Software application & development

- Application Development
- Web Portal and Website with CMS (Content Management System) Development
- Warehouse Management System (WMS)
- Transportation Management System (TMS)

Telecom and Infrastructure service

- Fiber Optic Cabling & installation
- Drive Test
- Network Planing & Optimization
- Telecom & IT Infrastructure Test

Cyber Security Consultant and Cyber Security Solution

- Managed Service for Cyber Security
- Security Operation as A Service
- Cyber Security Competition and Cyber Range
- PCIDSS, GDPR, PDPA compliance
- Cyber Security Maturity assessment
- Cyber Security Roadmap, Policy, and Process
- Cyber Security Training
- Big Data for Cyber Security
- Cyber Threat Intelligence provider
- Cyber Security Event Organization
- Cyber Security Compliance and Auditing Service (GRC)
- Red team assessment
- Threat Hunting